Allgemein Lehrgang Seminar

SUMI-E – AIKIDO – ZEN: Workshop, 20.–22. of June 2014


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„Dialogue“ of japanese ink painting, Aikido and Zen


Beppe Mokuza Signoritti (Bodai Dojo, Alba, Italy)


Georg Schrott (Aikidojo Bochum)

Beppe is a zen monk and sumi-e master. He will introduce us into the art of  Japanese ink painting (sumi-e) und teach us zen. His assistant Alessandro will translate and cook for us. Alternating between meditation, painting and aikido we will have an intense experience of human and cultural encounter.

Prior knowledge of sumi-e is not necessary!

Registration will start by January 2014. More detailled information will be posted then.

Link to Beppes website: http://www.sumi-e.it/EN/

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